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"Sweet Things To Say To A Girl."

Knowing The Right Sweet Things To Say To A Girl Can Really Help You Score Some Much Needed "Points" In The Early Stages Of A Relationship.

Looking for some ideas for sweet things you can say to a girl? Here’s some ways you can make her heart melt!

If you’re looking for sweet things to say to a girl, you’ll find the ones that will work best for her are honest compliments.

Nothing is more gratifying than hearing good things from someone who actually MEANS them.

But when it comes to saying sweet things to a girl, remember one important thing...


Women hear compliments about their looks from lots and lots of guys.

Things like: "Wow, you are so beautiful," or "You have the most gorgeous eyes," might be flattering, but they don't really MEAN anything special.


Because girls hear sweet things like this ALL THE TIME.

Now, I'm not saying you should never tell a girl she's beautiful, or compliment her on how she looks. But you want to save that type of flattery for when you're already in a relationship with her.

(After all, you want to let the girl you're with know you still find her attractive!)

But in the early stages of a relationship, the sweetest things you can say to a girl have to do with the qualities she DOESN'T get complimented on reguarly.

Saying things like: "Wow, you are so smart," "You have a really big heart," "You are such a caring, kind person," and "You know, being around you has really brightened my day," can make a girl blush with positivity.

And when you notice the subtle things that most guys will never compliment her on, that makes YOU stand out to her! Because you seem to be someone who notices more about her than just her looks.

Remember: Women are EMOTIONAL creatures. They love a guy who can trigger those emotional responses. And when you say sweet things to her about her traits and qualities as a person - especially when you really MEAN them - you'll find the girl will be genuinely impressed that you noticed them to begin with.

So how do you notice the traits to comment on?


Just notice how she acts, and what she says, and how she reacts to different subjects and situations, and you'll instinctively know what to compliment her on.

Sweet things to say to a girl let her know that you appreciate her. Very sweet things to say to a girl let her know that you desire her.

But just a warning - DO NOT overdo this!

Telling her very sweet things all of the time will cause your compliments to lose their meaning. Using them sparingly will give them great weight and importance when you do tell her something sweet. But if you do it too much, she'll begin to get used to that type of talk and take it for granted.

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