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Knowing how to kiss a girl isn't Rocket Science. But it certainly isn't easy, either.

Making your move can be CRITICAL to escalating the relationship towards sex. Not only that, but a girl often judges a man's sexual prowess on how well he kisses (and how well he is able to dance, but that's for another article, lol).

So right now we're going to talk about some kissing tips for guys out there who want to make sure they don't "blow it" with the girl of their dreams.

Make no mistake about it, knowing how to kiss a girl can be one of the most important skills a guy can learn. PERIOD.

So take the time to read through this entire article and learn the "ins and outs" of kissing women.

Step 1: Prepare Yourself For Kissing!

Be sure you're ready to kiss the girl you are with BEFORE you make your move! This is not only a mental thing, but a physical thing as well. You're going to want to make sure your breath is fresh.

(Trust me, nothing ruins a kiss faster than stinky breath!)

I always carry a packet of listerine strips with me just in case. Sometimes, especially after meals, this is needed. If you've been drinking, then this is a MUST! But at the very least, you should be brushing your teeth before the date.

Also, make sure your lips are moist before you kiss her! This could be as simple as licking your lips. But you don't want to kiss a girl with dry lips! It's just awkward.

Also, if you're feeling nervous, try thinking of other things to calm you down. You're GOING to kiss this girl, you know you are, so there's no point in getting flustered about it. Think about baseball, or something non-sexual, to help calm yourself down.

Step 2: Knowing When To Kiss Her

Kissing a girl at the right time is important. Do it too soon before she's ready, and you blow it. Wait too long, and she might lose interest in you.

So how do you know WHEN to kiss a girl?

Well, the first thing you need to do is PAY ATTENTION TO HER EYES!

A woman's eyes will ALWAYS betray her emotions. This is because she can't control her physiological responses!

If a woman's pupils (the black part of the eye) dilate (become bigger), this means she is aroused.

So if her eyes are showing very little color, chances are, she's ready to be kissed.

Not only that, but if her eyes flick back and forth between your eyes (like they are scanning you), this is a SURE SIGN she wants you to kiss her.

Also, notice body language cues that tell you if she wants to be kissed.

Are her lips slightly parted? If so, this is a good sign!

Are her legs crossed towards you? Is her body leaning towards you? If so, this is a good sign as well!

Is she touching you in any fashion? Maybe a light touch on your wrist or forearm? If so - GOOD SIGN!

Finally, is she comfortable with YOU touching her? A good way to test this is to reach up and brush her hair with your hand. If you can touch a girl's hair (especially the hair by the face) and she reacts well to it (ie: Doesn't pull away or look at you funny), then chances are - she's ready to be kissed!

Step 3: How To Kiss A Girl

When you finally go in for the kiss, the key is being SLOW and DELIBERATE.

Don't go in hard or fast. This could be seen as too aggressive. (Of course, if there is passion involved and the mood calls for it, hard and fast can be appropriate. Use your best judgment.)

But the one thing you DON'T want to do is appear too eager or nervous. Going in slow and deliberate will make sure this isn't the case.

Have good eye contact with the girl before you kiss her.

Cup her cheek with your hand - gently. You can use either one hand or two hands depending on how confident you are.

Once you have her cheeks cupped, there is NO DOUBT in her mind what you plan to do. If she doesn't resist and goes along with it, tilt your head slightly and move in for the kiss.

(If you notice resistance when you cup her cheeks, she may not be ready to be kissed.)

Close your eyes when you move in for the kiss. Kissing with open eyes can be disconcerting for most people.

Also: BE SURE TO TILT YOUR HEAD! You don't want to be bumping noses when you kiss.

Step 4: Use The Right Pressure

Once you've locked lips, you want to make sure you start off with SOFT KISSES.

This means "light touching" with your lips on her's.

You can increase the pressure as you continue to kiss her, but girls prefer to start soft and get firmer. Plus, soft kissing gives you lee-way to play around and find out what she likes.

REMEMBER: People touch other people the way they like to be touched!

So pay attention to how she kisses you back, and continue to kiss her that exact way. This is a sure-fire method of impressing the girl with your "kissing prowess."

Sometimes, though, you'll find the girl might not respond right away to your kiss. Maybe she just sits there while you do all the work.

This could be that she's nervous or inexperienced. Don't let it throw you. Continue to kiss her, and encourage her to kiss you back.

Step 5: Escalate

Once you've kissed a girl, don't let it end there! You want to escalate the encounter by moving onto a make-out and using your tongue while kissing her.

This is important to moving the interaction forward. The biggest mistake guys make when kissing a girl is moving too fast, or stopping all together.

When you escalate, you slowly build up the physicality of your interaction.

Adding in things like petting, heavy petting, tongue kissing, necking, and massage are essential to escalating the interaction right into the bedroom.

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