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If you’ve ever had a hard time attracting women…

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Its Possible For This Method To Work – Despite Your Looks, Age, Income, Or Nationality – And Have Beautiful Women Coming Up Wanting To Ask For YOUR Number!

(Sound too good to be true? Keep reading and I’ll convince you it’s real!)

A Personal Message
From Joseph Mathews:

Dear Friend,

Have you fallen for the biggest LIE that has ever been told to men the world over when it comes to getting the type of high-quality woman you feel you deserve?

And that lie is: You Have To Be Good Looking To Attract Women.

Everywhere, men are scrambling around trying to attract beautiful women by doing things like:

  • Working out to the point of exhaustion because they think muscles attract women.
  • Buying worthless "hair restoration" products to try and re-grow their hair because they think being bald hurts their success with women.
  • Working their sorry butts off at a job they hate because they think women are only attracted to guys with money.
  • Going through expensive (and painful) plastic surgery to fix "problems" with their looks because they think a certain feature they have is unattractive to girls.
  • Going on dangerous crash diets and taking unhealthy supplements to try and lose weight because they think women aren’t attracted to fat guys.

The list goes on and on.

The shocking truth is – when it comes to attracting beautiful women, what you look like plays an extremely small role in whether or not that girl is going to be attracted to you!

So if you’re one of those guys who thinks they’re completely "out of luck" when it comes to attracting women because they don’t look like a male model, then this may very well be the most important letter you’ve ever read!

I’m about to show you that you can attract beautiful women to you despite your looks, age or income! And it’s surprisingly easy to do!

Why Do Men Think Attraction Is All About Looks?

I’m not going to lie – being a good looking guy does help when it comes to attracting women. But don’t be fooled – it is not NECESSARY to getting the type of girl you want! It just makes the whole process of attraction go faster.

If you’re one of those guys who’ve bought into the "lie" about attraction, you’re doing so because of a phenomenon known as "Perspective Projection."

What this means is that because we experience our world in a certain way, we automatically assume all other people out there in the world experience the exact same thing.

In essence, we are "projecting" the perspective we have on the world, onto other people. This is a common phenomenon that many psychiatrists deal with.

When it comes to attraction, if you are only attracted to a woman because of how she looks, then in your mind, it stands to reason that she will only be attracted to men based on their looks.

However – this is simply not true.

Sure, some girls might place more importance on looks than other girls, but most don’t! And I’ll explain why in just a minute…

But for now, just know that everything you THINK you know about attraction is WRONG.

It is always important that you try and look as good as you can at all times. Take care of yourself, bathe, groom properly, and dress nice. When it comes to attracting women, appearance counts more than looks do, because a good appearance can help overcome poor looks.

But more than your outward appearance, the most important attraction mechanism you have is your PERSONALITY.

What Is Personality And How Can It Attract Women?

Basically, your personality can be broken down into the following components:

Component 1: What You Say

Component 2: What You Do

Component 3: How Other People Perceive You

That’s it! That’s all that communicates your personality. And guess what? Unlike your looks, you have 100% COMPLETE CONTROL over all three of these things!

(Yes, you even have control over how other people perceive you! I’ll talk more about this in a minute…)

And this is important because all it requires you to do is change the way you look and act around women, and you’ll get just as much success, if not more, than all the guys out there better looking than you.

So if you have the ability to control the words that come out of your mouth, and move your limbs under your own power, you are in luck – because you can generate powerful attraction within all the beautiful women you can handle.

Why Does Personality Play A More Important Role Than Looks When It Comes To Female Attraction?

Now, you might not be inclined to believe me when I tell you that personality actually trumps looks when it comes to attracting women. But trust me, there is a specific, biological reason WHY this is true…

Everyone knows there are major differences between men and women, but the biggest difference is often over-looked, and that is how women’s brains function in relation to men.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, women’s brain’s are more attuned to emotional responses than men.

This is a product of the "maternal" nature of women. After giving birth, women need to be able to understand the needs of their child, so they are more attuned to the emotions of the people around them.

Without this "empathy" ability, they would be unable to properly care for their offspring.

Men, by contrast, are not as empathetic, and are more logical. Logic is what helped men to provide for their families and survive the dangers of the world, because it allowed them to be more efficient hunters and protectors.

This is not to say women can’t be logical and men can’t be empathetic, but it means we are naturally more attuned to lean one way or the other.

Once you understand the secret of "Evolutionary Empathy," you understand that women are ruled by their emotions. And this is they key to understanding why a woman can FEEL attracted to a man who may not be PHYSICALLY attractive!

When It Comes To Attraction, Here’s What DOESN’T Work…

The sad truth is, most guys have it all WRONG when it comes to attracting women. They do everything they shouldn’t, and then wonder why it didn’t work.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Working out at the gym 9 hours a day to try and get big muscles because that’s what you think women find attractive.
  • Killing yourself at a job you hate because you think the only way to get a hot girl is to have a lot of money.
  • Spending tons of money on "fashionable" clothes because you think what you wear will affect women’s opinions of you.
  • Driving a fancy car because you believe it will help you impress women.
  • Trying to logically convince a woman she should be attracted to you, when she clearly is not.
  • Pretending to be her "friend" so you can get close to her and bide your time until you make your move.
  • Buying the girl you like expensive gifts hoping you can "bribe" her into feeling attracted to you.

These are just a "few" of the inane stunts guys will pull to try and get a girl to find them attractive. However, when you understand how attraction REALLY works, you realize you don’t need to do ANY of this.

In fact, the way to generate powerful feelings of attraction in any woman is actually much, much simpler.

What Is The Most Common Piece Of Advice Women Give Men About Attraction?

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

"Just be yourself!"

Look, every single woman on the PLANET likes to tell guys to just "be themselves." And yet, if just "being yourself" was all it took to attract a woman, wouldn’t it be easier to get one?

The fact is that most guys believe "just being yourself" doesn’t work.

But oddly enough – IT DOES WORK.

In fact, it’s probably the most effective way of attracting women there is!

But if that’s the case, again – why hasn’t it worked for you in the past?

FACT: Most Men Don’t Know How To Just "Be Themselves."

Here’s the deal with "just being yourself"…

  • When you’re nervous around a hot girl, you’re not "being yourself." You’re being more introverted, quieter, and shyer than you normally are because you don’t want to mess up or get rejected.
  • When you try and "fake confidence," you’re not being yourself. You’re trying to be a caricature of what you think you SHOULD be, as opposed to who you really are.
  • When you talk to girls, you’re desperately trying to keep the conversation going because you’re afraid of awkward silences.
  • You tend to be "overly nice" and friendly, trying hard not to offend or "scare off" the girl, and then wonder why you get stuck being "just the friend."

So as you can see, you’re never really just "being yourself." You’re trying to be something you’re not – something that you can’t sustain over the long run.

You can learn every routine and trick in the book to get a girl to like you, but at some point, you run out of stuff to game a girl with, and have to be who you REALLY ARE.

And if who you really are doesn’t jive with who you pretended to be to get the girl to like you, then before you know it, SHE’S GONE!!!!

If You Want To Attract Beautiful Women, Here’s What You Need To Do…

It all comes down to one thing: PERSONALITY.

Personality is all about who you are. It’s about being yourself, all the time, and attracting people to you who appreciate your personality.

When you have the right personality, you…

  • Never have to worry about running out of things to say to a girl.
  • Are more fun to be around.
  • Can be incredibly interesting and engaging.
  • Tend to be more outgoing and personable.
  • Are more relaxed and therefore funnier.
  • Have people seeking you out to spend time with you.
  • Are more outgoing and get more attention.
  • Are way more attractive than people who don’t have very good personality.

(Disclaimer For Typical Results)

And the best part about it is – you don’t have to change who you are to get it to work! Your personality is all about YOU.

It’s about what YOU like, what YOU think is funny, what YOU are interested in, and what YOU want!

So as you can see, you just have to learn to be yourself around the women you want to attract, and before you know it, they’ll be BEATING a path to your door.

But Its Not Just About Being Yourself…

Its also about learning how to be your BEST self, and bringing all your most attractive qualities to the forefront of every female interaction.

And its also about injecting a healthy dose of male dominance in there, so you’re not stuck as being just the "friend" or gender neutral emotional dumping ground.

In order to use your personality to get beautiful girls interested in you, you have to be able to…

  • Communicate your character through your own personal stories.
  • Know what it takes to keep people entertained and interested in you.
  • Use humor to trigger people’s emotions.
  • Gain instant reputation no matter where you are, so you can raise your social status immediately.
  • Create romantic tension that carries through all your interactions with women.
  • Be extroverted and get people to notice you, even if you don’t say anything.

(Disclaimer For Typical Results)

Now, you may think all this sounds hard to do…


You just need to get used to a few simple techniques that can train you to do all of the above without thinking about it.

ANYONE Can Attract The Woman Of Their Dreams – If They Know The Techniques…

I was not always what you would call a "ladies man." I’ve had to struggle with painful shyness, low self esteem, depression, and just plain old nervousness around women.

For years and years, I struggled with the "attraction" mechanism. I had no idea what girls would be attracted to – in fact, I had a hard time believing ANY woman could possibly find me attractive.

It wasn’t until I discovered these personality methods that things really started to "click" for me.

All of a sudden, I could actually BELIEVE women would be attracted to me, because I felt that even though I wasn’t the best in the "looks" department, I was definitely attractive as a person. I could make girls laugh, help them have fun, and make them feel like they had a genuine good time with me.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have girls calling YOU up and texting YOU and asking YOU to go out with them! It certainly makes life easy, that’s for sure.

And I attribute it all to the personality techniques I share with you in the Pure Personality course.

Keep in mind…

Pure Personality is all about the "attraction" game. I am literally teaching you how to be the most attractive guy in the room when you use these methods.

And it works because it’s based on the things you have COMPLETE control over – your words and actions.

If you feel you’re not a good looking guy, these techniques will probably make you just as appealing to women as the guys who look like Brad Pitt.

And guess what? If you’re not a bad looking guy to begin with, these techniques will almost certainly make your success with women even BETTER than it already is.

Just check out what these average guys were able to accomplish using my killer attraction methods…

Here Are Actual "Screen Grabs" From My E-Mail Inbox…

Disclaimer for typical results and testimonials

Here’s What You Get…

When you get a copy of Pure Personality, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the member’s only section of this website where you can get the full course – no waiting around for it to come in the mail!

So what’s the course consist of? More than you’d think…

The Videos

The videos should be very easy for you guys to follow, and have a LOT of information in each one.

Video 1: The Addiction Method Part 1

The addiction method is the foundation for the Pure Personality course, and in this video, I explain the first part of the method on how to get people addicted to your Personality.

In this video, I go into great detail on how to "create your character" and cultivate a "social mask."

The cool thing about this method is that you aren’t "acting" or trying to be someone you’re not.

This is all about taking the best qualities of you who are NATURALLY and bringing them to the forefront in a way where as many people get exposed to it as possible.

Video 2: The Addiction Method Part 2

The second part of the Addiction Method is all about teaching you how to tell STORIES.

See, storytelling is the method by which people learn about your character! And the better stories you tell, the more addicted people will become to who you are.

In fact – they will actively seek to have you around as much as possible!

And better than that, they’ll start telling their FRIENDS about you and repeating your stories to others, effectively growing you reputation.

Can you see how powerful this can be when it comes to attracting women?

Video 3: How To Be The Life Of The Party

This technique goes hand-in-hand with the addiction method.

I have developed a system where you can enter into any social situation – a bar, club, party, business meeting, whatever – and be the center of attention.

Here, we’ll use the Butterfly Effect to meet lots and lots of people, but we’ll also use some covert tactics to build our reputation and help us deliver the Addiction Method techniques.

Video 4: Conversational Ninjitsu

A HUGE part of personality is being able to hold fascinating conversations with anyone you want.

Too often, guys stumble in conversation with women. Things might go good for a while, but then the dreaded "awkward silence" sets in and you run out of things to say.

Conversational Ninjitsu is a covert method of keeping the conversation going, effectively eliminating awkward silences and making all conversation seem natural and effortless.

Video 5: How To Be Funny

A big part of having a great personality is about how to make people laugh. In this in-depth video, I go into a number of proven techniques to help make even the dullest guy FUNNY.

This isn’t just some collection of lame jokes. I actually break down many different TYPES of humor and show you how to use them to get laughs from pretty much anyone.

More importantly, though, I’ll show you what to do when a joke goes BAD, and how to quickly recover from anything that "falls flat."

Video 6: How To Tease Women

Teasing women can be a powerful tool in your attraction arsenal. Unfortunately, lots of guys tease women the WRONG WAY, and can come off as "jerks" or offensive.

In this video, I lay out a number of different proven and effective teasing techniques you can use to get powerful reactions from women every single time.

Anyone who’s ever tried to use "Cocky and Funny" methods to pick up women before MUST see this video!

Video 7: An Interview With Personality Expert Brad P.

Brad P is one of the most interesting guys I’ve ever met, and in this 60 minute video, I sit down with Brad and pick his brain about all his best personality techniques.

Brand and I are good friends, so we talk about some really killer information in this video, and you get to see a different perspective on the whole "Personality Game."

Bonus Videos: Non-Verbal Personality

Personality isn’t just based around what you say, it’s also based around what you do and how you act.

In a special bonus video section, I go into detail on how you can use your body language to communicate personality.

This is really powerful stuff that can show anyone what a cool, funny, fun guy you are without ever having to open your mouth!

The Audios

In addition to the video material, I tracked down and interviewed a number of Personality Experts who reveal their best tips and techniques for how to be funny, interesting, and cool around girls.

Audio #1: Interview With Pick-Up Instructor Adam Lyons

Adam is one of the most naturally gifted new pick-up instructors in the scene. His skills are almost completely based on his personality, and in this interview, I peg him down and get him to reveal all his secrets on how a scrawny geek like him uses his personality to attract beautiful women.

Audio #2: Interview With Radio Host Barry Kirkey

Some of you might know Barry as "Extramask" from Neil Strauss’s book The Game. Barry is a talented comedian living in Canada, and he’s also quite knowledgeable about the dating scene, having been an instructor in the men’s dating advice field for some time.

In this candid interview, I get Barry to open up about his off-the-wall humor methods, and how you can use them to get women attracted to you in no time flat.

Audio #3: Interview With Stand-Up Comedy Teacher Joe Falzerano

Joe Falzerano is a professional comedian who teaches other comedians how to perform stand-up comedy. Joe’s workshop is based out of Los Angeles, and he’s taught some very recognizable names in the entertainment field how to be funny. And in this interview, Joe goes over his teaching methods that can take any man, and make him a funny guy.

Audio #4: Interview With "Natural Seducer" Mike Piantedosi

This was a bit of a strange interview, because Mike is one of my Best Friends from High School, and he is one of the funniest guys I have ever met.

Like me, Mike is a self-admitted "Fat, Bald, And Ugly" dude. But his personality is so strong, that he is able to attract beautiful girls whenever he wants.

Mike’s story is truly inspiring, and his methods are incredibly effective.

Audio #5: Interview With Cocky-Comedy Expert Richard Miller

Richard is one of David DeAngelo’s top students, and the "king" of cocky comedy methods. Richard is another "fat guy" who uses his humor and personality to attract women, and he’s EXTREMELY good at it!

In this interview, I sit down and get Richard to share all his personality techniques with me, including a few unknown tricks taught to him by David DeAngelo himself!

Audio #6: Interview With Stand-Up Comedian Steve Roye

Steve is a professional stand-up comedian, and a teacher in the field of comedy.

In this interview, I get Steve to open up and share how he creates his material from scratch, and how anyone can create incredible jokes and stories that will captivate any audience.

Audio #7: Interview With Professional Magician Tony Piccasso

Also known as the "Cardfather," Tony is a Las Vegas Magician who enraptures any audience he has. I ran into Tony at the Magic Castle here in Hollywood and was so impressed, I had to BEG him to let me interview him!

In this interview, Tony reveals how he cultivates his persona, creates an unforgettable character, and entertains his audience.

This is one of the most unique interviews you’ll ever hear, as Tony reveals an amazing step-by-step system he uses to create "instant fame" no matter where he goes.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to create a rockstar like persona, this is the interview that reveals how!

The Text

In addition to all the multimedia, we also have some good, old-fashioned text to go along with it!

Included in the course is a full Charm School manual that will teach you how to charm the woman you want to meet.

In addition to that, I’ve also created a number of assignments to help you learn how to use the techniques described in the course.

This method is specifically DESIGNED to help you start naturally attracting women based on your personality.

Trust me when I say – NO OTHER course out there goes as in-depth into this subject as Pure Personality does.

But What If It Doesn’t Work???

I know there are always "skeptics" out there to think that they’re going to invest a lot of money and get nothing in return.

Well, I can promise you – THAT WON’T HAPPEN!!!!

The Pure Personality method is so darn effective, you’ll see results as soon as you start using it. Women will like being around you. They’ll be laughing at your jokes. They’ll be looking forward to seeing you time and time again.

The only way these tactics WOULDN’T work is if you DIDN’T USE THEM!!!!

But just in case you need an assurance they these skills are worth every single red penny you invest in them, I am going to give you a triple-clad guarantee.

Try Pure Personality for 60 days. If you’re not getting results from my methods by then, I want you to ask for your money back!!!

No muss, no fuss. I’ll have my customer support team instantly credit your account.

In short: Either I deliver, or you lose NOTHING.

So Here’s What You Get…

I’ll give you EVERYTHING you need to start attracting women right away. This includes…

  • The Addiction Method Part 1 Video
  • The Addiction Method Part 2 Video
  • The How To Be The Life Of The Party Video
  • The Conversational Ninjitsu Video
  • The How To Be Funny Video
  • The How To Tease Women Video
  • The Brad P Interview Video
  • The Bonus Personality-Building Videos
  • The Interview With Adam Lyons Audio
  • The Interview With Barry Kirkey Audio
  • The Interview With Joe Falzerano Audio
  • The Interview With Mike Piantedosi Audio
  • The Interview With Richard Miller Audio
  • The Interview With Steve Roye Audio
  • The Interview With Tony Picaso Audio
  • The "Charm School" Manual
  • The Personality Building Exercises

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