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This Could Be YOUR Clickbank Account When Promoting The Art Of Approaching!

From the desk of Joseph Matthews
Re: My Affiliate Program

Hello my friend and future business partner. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and look into my affiliate program. If you're looking to make some really good money online, then this may be the most important letter you've ever read!

Unlike many of the other online merchants out there, I realize that strong affiliate relationships are the most important factor to running a successful online business, and I work very hard to not only listen to my affiliate's needs, but to provide them with the best tools I can to help them sell my product.

If you have just 5 minutes, please take the time to review the details of my affiliate program. I am very proud of the program I offer and know it will be a good fit for anyone looking to make money in the online dating market.

Why The Men's Dating Advice Market?

If you're not in the Men's Dating Advice market, there are a few things you should know...

  • The Men's Dating Advice Market generates close to $40 Million a year off the internet alone.
  • Next to Online Dating, it is one of the most profitable niches of the Dating Market.
  • The Men's Dating Advice Market has been steadily growing since 2000, and shows no signs of slowing down.
  • Exposure of the Men's Dating Advice Market continues to grow, thanks to mainstream media exposure, and will continue to garner interest.
  • The niche appeals to a customer base that essentailly makes up HALF the world's population!
  • New customers are constantly entering into the market, which ensures it will never slow down and continue to grow.
  • The market is active year-round, so you don't have to worry about seasonal changes in customer interest.
  • The niche is not a fad, since men will always be interested in the subject of dating women. This ensures long-term longevity.

As you can see, the Men's Dating Advice market is an extremely good niche to get into, but can be quite competitive. If you want to make money in this niche, it's best to promote well-established merchants who have already carved out a place for themselves.

Why Promote "The Art Of Approaching?"

Of all the websites in the men's dating advice market, few are as popular or convert as well as the Art Of Approaching!

My site has been quite popular and profitable for some time now. As of July 8th, 2006, my website is ranked #2 most popular affiliate site in Clickbank's Love & Romance section.

And as of January of 2007, my website was ranked at #1!

My website has been in Clickbank's top 10 most popular affiliate sites since September of 2005. It's enormous popularity goes to show that not only can affiliates make good money selling my products, but that there is a huge demand for what I am offering as well.

What makes this website perform so well?

1. Great Content - not only is my product kept up-to-date and professionally edited, new, informative articles are delivered to customers daily.

2. Great Sales Material - professionally written sales copy and a tested and proven sales process helps to increase conversions.

3. High Customer Retention - most merchants only care about getting the sale. I care about keeping the sale! I employ a great "stick" process designed to lower refunds and retain customers.

4. Customer Support - I have a full time staff dedicated to dealing with support issues. While most merchants ignore their customers, my team helps to ensure customers are satisfied and their problems are dealt with swiftly!

5. Constant Improvement - I am constantly performing new split tests on my website to further optomize my sales process and improve conversion rates.

6. Superior Support For Affiliates - I make it a point to try and respond to every affiliate inquiry in a timely fashion, and provide superior support for my affiliate marketing partners that my competitors cannot offer.

Bottom Line: My Site PERFORMS. Period. And I work closely with my affiliates to ensure that they make lots and lots of money! Just listen to what one of my superaffiliates has to say about my program...

"Joseph Matthews is one of my best affiliate partners...

I started promoting Joseph's product in 2003. Throughout the years, the support he has given me was tremendous.

From this JV, I had also benefited from the great ideas Joseph contributed in his marketing effort to make the product convert better.

So, he really knows what he is doing.

Apart from that, Joseph is someone who’d I’d say manages his affiliates well and is also very generous to his affiliates.

It came to me as a surprise ... one morning while I was checking my email, I saw a few sales notifications from the Art Of Approaching program, but the commission I was getting was much more than that of the entry product.

I thought there must have been some type of mistake; no merchant will be stupid enough to let affiliates profit from a backend product!

After checking with Joseph, he said he had sent out a mailing to promote his advanced course - and that he was letting his affiliates in on it!

So that contributed to some "effortless sales" ... Ka Ching !!!

If you are looking for a good merchant, Joseph is definitely one of the best partner to work with, and you should take advantage of his great program."

--David Kwan

"Yes! I Want To Become An Art Of Approaching Affiliate! What Am I Selling?"

The Art of Approaching is a downloadable course for men that teaches them how to be more successful with meeting women and overcoming their fear of rejection.

The book was first released in 2004, and since then has been steadily gaining a huge fan-base online. As you know, the online dating market is INCREDIBLY competitive, and the fact that The Art Of Approaching has not only survived, but thrived in this market says a great deal about the value customers are getting from this site.

My site currently offers four different products for sale.

  1. The Basic Course sells for $39.95
  2. The Deluxe Course sells for $97.00
  3. The Advanced Course sells for $147.00
  4. The How To Date Strippers ebook sells for $47.00

Customers can purchase all these products through my website at:


There is no physical product shipped. All products are in digital form, and sold completely online. After customers purchase the product, they are sent to a webpage with simple step-by-step instructions on how to download it.

Refund rates on my material are also very low. I offer a great deal of value, not only with my product, but with follow-up sequences designed to deliver extreme value to my customers after they purchase the products. Because of this, customers rarely ask for their money back. Maybe one out of a hundred.

In addition to the low refund rate, my affiliates find that they get more value for the traffic they send to my site than others. My special affiliate software tracks cookies for 90 days. When an affiliate sends traffic to my website, names and emails are collected for my mailing list. The people who opt in are then entered into a tested and proven auto-responder sequence.

Most people will buy after multiple exposures over the course of 30 days. The more people an affiliate gets to sign up for my email newsletter, the more money they tend to make over time, since most people buy only after an average of seven exposures to any given online product.

I've even had affiliates who stopped promoting my site (briefly) who continued to make money for months afterward due to people they sent to my newsletter buying from me. These awe-struck affiliates began promoting me again, and emailing me about how I'm the only program they've continued to make money on without actively promoting!

"I'm Interested! But Am I A Good Match For Your Affiliate Program? Will I Be Successful Selling This Product?"

That entirely depends on your skill as an affiliate.

I can assure you that on my end, I am continually testing and improving my product and sales process to maximize conversion rates. In the end, if an affiliate is able to send me qualified traffic, I will be able to convert that traffic into customers.

My target audience is men, eighteen and over. Men from their 30s on tend to convert better, but I have all types of customers, ranging from college students to older men just getting back into the "dating scene."

If your site attracts male visitors who might like to learn how to meet more women and have greater success in their love life, you have great chance at making money through the Art Of Approaching affiliate program.

If you are getting a decent amount of traffic to your site, you should be able to convert it into dollars. Obviously, affiliates generating large amounts of traffic to my site are making more sales than affiliates who generate less traffic.

Affiliates who focus solely on the dating market tend to be more successful with their traffic conversions. But if you have a site and/or email list that falls in the following categories, you will find your traffic to be a good match for my product as well:

  • Sports
  • Gambling
  • Video Games
  • Men's Health
  • Men's Interest
  • Weight Lifting
  • Finance/Stocks

These niches tend to attract a male audience who are interested in learning how to meet and date more women. I've found their traffic to be very compatible with mine.

In addition, I have affiliates who use various kinds of websites to promote my material. The following kind of sites have proven to be quite successful at selling my product:

  • Review sites
  • Blogs
  • Article Collection Sites
  • MySpace/Friendster/Facebook pages
  • Men's Portals with message boards
  • Sites with E-Zines and Newsletters
  • Sites that sell similar products to men

I find that affiliates who feature my articles on their sites make the most sales. I will supply you with all of the articles you need to market my book! Along with other materials you can use for promotional purposes. Please continue reading for further information on this topic.

"That's All Well And Good, But What's In It For ME?"

There's a great deal in it for you to become an affiliate of The Art Of Approaching.

I'm a generous man, and I want to help you make a LOT of money! I see affiliates as business partners, and the more money you make, the more money I make!

Because of that, I offer affiliates a whopping 70% commission of each sale you generate!

That means you will earn 70% percent of whatever you sell. Do the math. I haven't had an affiliate yet who complained they weren't making enough off my products!

Here's a breakdown of the commission you can earn:

  • Basic Course = $25.17 per sale
  • Stripper eBook = $29.73 per sale
  • Deluxe Course (upsell from Basic) = $62.10 per sale
  • Advanced Course (upsell from Basic) = $94.48 per sale!

I work with ClickBank, a third party application that tracks ALL your referred traffic and conversions so you are assured of timely, accurate accounting and payment. They are the premier affiliate program on the internet, used by hundreds of thousands of affiliates world-wide.

This means you don't have to worry about some two-bit webmaster running off with your hard-earned affiliate commissions! You will consistently get a check like clockwork -- guaranteed!

Clickbank will cut you a check on the 1st and 15th of every month, and you will consistently get it in the mail on time, paid out twice a month so you're never sitting around wondering when you'll be getting your money.

All products are sold through one clickbank account, so if a visitor you send buys more than one product, you are credited for each sale.

"What Do You Offer To Support Your Affiliates?"

I offer lots of support for my affiliates.

Let's face it, being an affiliate is like becoming business partners, if you don't make any money, I don't make any money! So I want to do everything in my power to help you turn your traffic into dollars.

Here's some of what I offer my affiliates...

  • Super-High 70% Commission Rate -- I know that a well paid person will work harder than someone who isn't, that's why I offer almost three-quarters of the entire purchase price of my courses.

    I have a system of upsell and backend sales so that one purchase can lead to multiple purchases. That means more money (and less work) for you!
  • Cookie Tracking For 90 Days -- Let's face it, most people don't buy from a site right away. But because everyone who views my sales copy has to sign up for my email newsletter, the chance of making a subsequent sale is much greater!

This means if anyone you send me makes subsequent purchases within 90 days of clicking your affiliate link - be it from reading one of my newsletters or simply having a change of heart - you still get credit for the sale!

I have my email list set up for three months of auto responders, so the chances of this happening are quite good. Even if they click through on my emails, you'll get the credit for the sale if the cookie is still on their computer.

  • Specialized Niche Targeting -- My book caters to a specific niche, which doesn't compete with other dating products, but rather "compliments" them. People who've bought popular dating products such as Double Your Dating, High Status Male, Dating Dynamics, Real World Seduction, and in-field workshop students have bought my book because they wanted more information on how to meet women so they could put the tactics these products teach to better use. Many workshops (including the popular Mystery Method) regularly recommend my book for student's to read before coming to the workshop. Because of this, you'll see little impact on the sales of your other dating-related affiliate products.
  • Full Ad And Keyword Tracking With Statistics -- One problem with Clickbank is the lack of information they offer their affiliates about each sale. But my Affiliate System can tell you the exact click that brought you the sale, including the ad or keyword that brought the customer to the site.

With this information at your disposal, you can fine-tune your campaigns for maximum profits, secure in the knowledge you are in complete control of exactly where your cash is coming from.

This affiliate program wipes the floor with any other available anywhere. Each and every paying customer you send to us could be worth hundreds of dollars to you over their lifetime.

Because of this, I believe I have one of the best affiliate programs available on the internet.

  • Affiliate Member Updates -- Many sites out there just like to give you an affiliate link and forget about you. But when you sign up with my Affiliate System, you will get access to my Affiliate Tips Newsletter, where I share with you tips and strategies to help you maximize your ability to make money, not just off my product, but every product you help sell!

In my newsletter, I'll keep you updated with news about my site, special offers from proven merchants, and free advice and support to help you streamline your money-making potential. What other Affiliate System can offer you that?

  • Extensive Affiliate Material To Help You Sell -- Most merchants don't bother to give their affiliates the right materials to help them make money. Not me, no sir! I want to give you everything possible to help you sell my book!!! Once you sign up to be an Art Of Approaching Affiliate, you will have access to high-converting Articles, Newsletters, Ads, and Graphics for you to use with your websites and e-mail lists. This means there's absolutely no guess work on your part! Just cut & paste, then watch the money roll in!

"Can I Get A Copy Of Your Course To See If It Is Something I Would Like To Sell?"

Yes, I do offer review copies of my course to potential affiliates.

If you want a review copy, please email me asking for a copy to review, and include your website name and address so I can make sure you're actually an affiliate instead of someone trying to get a freebie!

You can email me your request at affiliates@artofapproaching.com.

"Do You Do Joint Ventures With Other Merchants?"


Many of my best affiliates are other merchants who sell similar products to mine. I believe there is an abundance of customers in this market, and I am not afraid to "share the wealth" by endorsing other people's products if I feel they are good and my customers can benefit from them.

Many merchants are very stingy with their email lists and customers, trying to hord them and keep them to themselves.

However, I believe that the average male dating customer is interested in many different ideas and viewpoints, so I do not shy away from the idea of endorsing other products and sending out reviews or recommendations to my sizeable email list.

I do ask for a copy of your product for me to review before I agree to endorse it. I have very strict guidelines about what I will and will not endorse to my customers, since they have come to expect a certain level of quality from me. I make enough money and am not looking to "get rich quick" with the offer of a high commission rate.

I look for quality products from quality merchants. If I feel it can help people, I will endorse it, even if there is no payout in it for me.

I believe relationships are the foundation of every good business, and I am always open to offers to do joint ventures with other merchants looking to boost their sales. If you are interested in pursuing a joint venture with me, please email me at jointventure@artofapproaching.com to work out the details.

Here Are Some Affiliate Resources To Help Get You Started...

I believe the more tools I can provide my affiliates, the easier it will be for them to sell my products, and the more money the both of us can make.

With these extensive tools at your disposal, you can quickly and easily start making tons of commission sales. New tools and support will be added as time goes on and I learn more about what my affiliates need to make their job easier.

Pay Per Click Keywords

If you're looking for a list of keywords you can use to start promoting my courses RIGHT AWAY, look no further. I'm offering you an extensive keyword list to help get you started right away - no need to waste your precious time doing keyword research. Every single keyword you can possibly think of for my niche is right here, ready for you to test out.

Total keywords available: 12,487

Take Advantage Of My Incredible Pay-Per-Click And Media Tracking...

One of the problems so many affiliates have is trying to find out which of their affiliate efforts is actually CONVERTING for them.

As an affiliate myself in other markets, I know how frustrating this can be.

So to help out my affiliates, I've made a decision to allow very accurate conversion tracking for Google Adwords, Yahoo, MSN, Newsletters, Email, Banner Ads, and any other form of online advertising.

Here's how it works...

You will need to buy a piece of software called AdTrackz. Click Here to get it.

Once you have the software, you'll need to install it on a server of yours, and begin creating campaigns. You can create as many campaigns as you want, for every form of advertising you do. For instance, you can have seperate campaigns for :

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Email
  • Banners

Then, set the tracking of each of these campaigns to Affiliate.

I have a special piece of code on my conversion pages that allows AdTrackz to know when a sale is made.

By following your stats in AdTrackz, you'll have a VERY clear idea of where your sales are coming from - even down to the keyword level!

And the software is very affordable, and you can use it for ANY product, not just mine. I use AdTrackz myself to help me keep tabs on my advertising, and that's why I recommend it.

In case you don't like using AdTrackz, I've also found a really fantastic affiliate tool known as Affiliate Radar. They make it easy to track conversions on any Clickbank product. However, they're a little more expensive and cost a monthly fee. But if you'd like an alternative to AdTrackz, I'd recommend you check out Affiliate Radar by clicking here.

Banners & Graphics

Here are some banners and images you can use to help promote the Art Of Approaching.

179 X 256

Description: This image is best used in conjunction with testimonials


108 X 155

Description: Miniature ebook cover.


486 X 60

Description: animated banner graphic


125 X 125

Description: animated banner graphic


120 X 600

Description: animated banner graphic


125 X 125


234 X 60


468 X 60


468 X 60


100 X 50


120 X 160


216 X 91


160 X 585


468 X 60


336 X 280


728 X 90 Letterboard


250 X 250


120 X 600


160 X 600


200 X 200


300 X 250

Text Links

These are text ads to use in email or plain text advertising areas, just cut and paste the text and insert your affiliate URL in the appropriate place in the link.




Are you looking to do some hard core email marketing to promote The Art Of Approaching? Feel free to use these Pre-Written emails:





Do you have an email list you promote to? Use these pre-written newsletters to send to your subscribers!

Newsletter #1: Short Testimonial

Here's a short testimonial of The Art Of Approaching you can send out to your newsletter that gives a quick run down about the benefits your audience can find in the book.

Text Format


Newsletter #2: Detailed Sales Letter

Here's a newsletter to send to your list that introduces me, gives a run down about the book's features and benefits, and really sells the product! A good follow up to Newsletter #1.

Text Format


Newsletter #3: Book Review

Here's a review of The Art Of Approaching eBook you can include in a newsletter for your audience to read.

Text Format

Classified Ad

Forum Signatures

The following is text you can use in the signature file while posting in forums and message boards.

Sample Chapters

If you would like to showcase samples from the Art Of Approaching course on your website, please download these pre-made webpages with actual sample chapters from the Art Of Approaching course to showcase on your website.

Just right click on the link below, and choose "Save As" to download the Table Of Contents, Sample Chapter 1, Sample Chapter 2, and Sample Chapter 3.

Right Click Here To Get These Sample Chapters

Free Report

Looking for a viral marketing piece you can give away to your customers as a bonus for buying a product or joining your email list?

Here's a special report you can use for that very purpose!

The report is in MS Word format so you can insert your own Affiliate Link and then save it as an Adobe PDF file for distribution.

Right Click Here To Download This Report

If you're looking for a free way to transfer this file into Adobe Acrobat PDF format, please click here.

Customer Testimonials

Art Of Approaching Testimonials

Text Format. Please design this chapter on your website in HTML as you see fit.

Unique Articles For Publishing

If you are looking for unique articles you can use to help promote The Art Of Approaching, just click the links below to get your very own version of the article!

Please note - Each article you recieve will be completely UNIQUE, so you don't have to worry about duplicate content penalties in the search engines!

How To Pick Up Women

Approaching Women

Meeting Women

Attracting Women

Pick Up Lines

Christian Dating

Flirting Tips

Dating Tips

IMPORTANT: You'll want to make sure that you place your affiliate code into the articles when you publish them.

Don't Have A Website?

Don't sweat it. I'm making a special article bank that's hosted on my site available for anyone who doesn't have a website.

This directory has a number or articles which dynamically generates your affiliate into the article automatically. You can even insert your own adsense code into the system so you can make money from Google Adsense and my product!

Just watch the 17 minute video below to see how it works, register for the database, login, and start sending traffic!

"I'm Sold! I Want To Be An Art Of Approaching Affiliate! How Do I Sign Up?"

To join my affiliate program, you must first sign-up with ClickBank and get your ClickBank "nickname". It is totally FREE and takes about one minute to join.

Click Here To Open Your Clickbank Account

When you have a Clickbank ID, come back and enter your information into the form below. After you have your code you can choose from the various marketing tools I've made to help you bring in more clicks and more sales.

Affiliate Sign-Up
First Name:
Last Name:
Your Email:
Your Website Url:
Clickbank NickName:
Your Password:


You should *NOT* use the same password as your Clickbank account.
This password is for you to access your affiliate stats and resources and is
DIFFERENT from Clickbank's

Click here to log in, check your affiliate stats, change your affiliate details, or to be e-mailed your affiliate password.

PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for my affiliate program above will allow you to get product-specific links and will also give you a second source of tracking your sales. If you just want to use a straight up clickbank hoplink, you can use the following:

Clickbank Hoplink:


Replace XXXXX with your clickbank nickname.

If you have any questions about my program or product, feel free to email me anytime. I look forward to working with you!

Joseph Matthews

P.S. Please be sure to confirm your subscription to my affiliate newsletter after registering for my affiliate program! If you are serious about making money with my product, you will need to stay informed about what I am doing with my site and what new tools I offer my affiliates.

P.P.S. All affiliates who perform well will be invited to take part in my back-end affiliate program. This program offers higher-ticket items with larger commissions. Only those who perform well selling the digital front end products will be invited to join! So work hard, and be rewarded!

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