What To Do If She Rejects You?

What do you do if she rejects you?

Let’s face it – rejection is not fun.

Nobody likes getting rejected.  But for some guys, the simple of act a girl telling them she’s “not interested” is enough to send them into a downward spiral of depression.

In fact, so many guys are afraid of getting rejected, that they simply don’t do anything to meet women at all!

And then, when they get lonely, they wonder why it is they’re unable to meet a great girl and have a relationship.

FACT:  If you don’t approach a woman, you’re 100% guaranteed not to get in a relationship with her.

The only way you can hope to “get into the game” is to take action to minimize your rejection. (And trust me, there are lots of things guys can do to lower the chance that they’ll get rejected by girls.)

But you’ll never be able to eliminate 100% of rejection.  There will always be times where you screw up, and the girl you like blows you off.

The most important thing to remember, when this happens, is to not let the rejection ruin your mindset and keep you from going after OTHER women!

If you’re in the habit of letting rejection from a woman completely shut you down, that needs to change immediately!

So when a woman rejects you, take a step back and think about a few things…

First, realize that she’s not really rejecting YOU, she’s rejecting the approach you took with her.  Different girls need to be wooed in different ways.  If you got rejected, its not because you’re ugly, or a loser, or anything like that – its because you didn’t take the most effective approach to the girl you talked to.

Second, you need to safeguard your positive emotions.  Don’t allow yourself to get angry or sad over a rejection.  You need to keep your emotions in check.  Try and think of happy, positive things, and look at the rejection as a learning experience and realize you’ll eventually improve and get success.

Third, don’t come from a place of scarcity.  Just because things didn’t work out with one woman, doesn’t mean they won’t work out with another.  Guys who focus too much on “one girl” get hit the hardest by rejection.  There are plenty of fish in the sea.  When you realize there are lots of other girls out there, losing just one takes the sting out of things.

Fourth, learn from your mistakes!  Most guys try to brush off rejection, but you can actually use the rejection you get to fix what you’re doing wrong.

Think over the interaction and ask yourself – what could I have done differently?  At what point did things go wrong?  How could I have recovered?

When you do this, you prepare yourself for future interactions with women and are better able to handle challenges as they come up.

Finally – don’t let rejection keep you from meeting girls!  Allowing one rejection (or worse yet, the fear of rejection) keep you from pursuing something that will make you happy is the WORST thing you could do.

If you let rejection take you out of the game, you’ll never reach your goal.  Learn to control your emotional state and keep positive.  Don’t give up!

Meeting the right girl is a numbers game.  The more you do it, the greater your chances of success.  If you learn how to handle rejection and keep on going, you’ll eventually get it right.

And when that happens, all those rejections will eventually seem like they were worth it!

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